An IKEA craft room with kitchen cabinets

IKEA Craft Room Design in Lidingo White

Cubbards, cubicles, crevices, corners and containers can’t begin to handle a crafter’s contents.

Crafters know that there is nothing worse than a disorganized work space. Kitchen cabinets sort it all out, especially when combined with with IKEA’s storage solutions and drawer inserts to easily classify and store all supplies. See this idea for a neat IKEA craft room with kitchen cabinets!


What’s needed for this IKEA craft room?

Our design takes advantage of the white cabinet tradition in craft rooms – used mainly for its clean and sleek look. Also because it’s an easy color to combine with the many colors usually present in a craft room.   Three 18″ three drawer cabinets and two 36″ door and drawer cabinets were designed in Lidingo for the base cabinets.

Cabinets were set apart a bit to create two comfortable seating work areas. Use a laminate countertop as Numerar in a dark color for easy clean up.

Small items such as buttons, needles, charms, ribbons and beads are stored easily in drawers inside Droppar jars; ideal because of the clear lid so their contents can be seen from above.  Items used less frequently, such as packaging and heavier items, are stored in the drawer and door cabinets.

Droppar Jar

Larger items such as fabric or scrapbook paper must be easy to separate by color or pattern . . . otherwise a 45 minute project turns into a two hour nightmare.  For this purpose, our design includes Lack floating shelves as well as three Expedit shelving units: one on the wall and two additional ones built into an island (use panels on both ends to cover the seams).

Glass doors are great to showcase finished products.  Don’t forget to add in cabinet lighting and glass shelves for an accentuated look.

Finally, the Grundtal kitchen accessories series are quite useful – for example, using rails to hold ribbons, wrapping paper, cuttlery caddies for writing supplies.

The room measurements are shown below:


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    Using a traditional kitchen design as a crafter’s space is a great idea. There is plenty of storage for things big and small and it’s easy to stay organized. The glass doors make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for AND show off finished projects.


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