IKEA custom kitchen cabinets: A microwave base

There are times when you need to look for a place for your microwave and the alternatives are less than ideal because you have other needs: you need to keep it accessible for your children or it’s inconvenient for you to put it over the range.

Even when IKEA doesn’t offer AKURUM base cabinets for microwaves, you can still build one with IKEA materials and cabinet frames that will match the rest of your kitchen. All you need is a kitchen designer that has experience working with IKEA cabinets.

Panels are much more than covers for exposed sides at the end of a cabinet run. They can be used as fillers, counter supports and even cabinet fronts in some cases. For this type of cabinet, we’ll be using PERFEKT panels among other materials. This is what you’ll need for a 30″ base microwave cabinet with a drawer underneath:



A custom base microwave cabinet for your IKEA kitchen


Note: for our example, we have used the NEXUS Birch door style. Other door styles may have a different price. The last item is only used if you’ll have an exposed side.


Here is the full measurement information:




Now, you can have a base cabinet for your microwave even if IKEA doesn’t have it in stock!


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