Spice storage under your kitchen cabinets – so easy!

Spice storage can be a pain. We hate spice racks. They take up so much space and they tend to look messy. There’s also the hassle of opening a door and then look for the one you need. If you have more spice jars than most racks can handle, we propose the following solution:

Spice storage
With these shelves, your spices are never going to be hidden in a drawer.

Organizing spices in a way that they’re conveniently close while cooking can make the difference between a messy kitchen and a quick, yet glorious meal. Some of us have kept our spices tucked in a drawer, unlabeled and disorganized. Serious cooks will find that spice storage is vital. It’s convenient to have spices, sauces and utensils close-by when cooking stir-fry or pasta. If you’re looking for an easy, affordable solution to spice storage in your kitchen, read on:

For spice storage, claim the thinnest of spaces, such as that below wall cabinets, at the end of a counter, or on the side of the island. The limited space keeps spices from hiding behind one another.

We have used two LACK shelves from IKEA that are mounted under the wall cabinets. The first shelf is 34 1/2″ and the second shelf is 74 3/4″ long. Here is the full measurement information:

spice storage at wall cabinetsHere’s how to mount these spice storage shelves:

  • The mounting hardware is not included with LACK shelves. Each house is different and you’ll need to work around your wall material, you won’t be using the same anchors and screws if it’s a concrete wall or a drywall. Don’t forget to visit your local hardware store so that they can recommend the right mounting hardware.
  • IKEA does, however, include two larger screws to complete the installation. The metal support (bracket) is cleverly concealed by the shelf itself:

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