What makes a good IKEA kitchen design? A checklist – Part I

Your IKEA kitchen design has been finalized. Time to take your list, go to the store, buy materials and get started, right? Not just yet. Before starting your IKEA kitchen remodeling project, spare yourself some hassle by using this checklist of frequently overlooked points.


  1.       Is there plenty of counter space between the appliances and sink?

To have a comfortable preparation area and enough workspace, experts suggest leaving a distance of 36” between a sink and the range and 48” between a sink and a fridge. This leaves enough space for a person to move freely.



  1. 2.      Is there enough space in corners to open drawers and doors fully?

For new IKEA kitchen designers, this can be a hard lesson learned. If you’re using a ‘blind corner cabinet’ or leaving the corner empty, you’ll need to leave a 3″-4″ distance (with a filler or strip behind) so that the doors on both sides of the finished corner can open fully.


3.       Where will the handles and hinges be placed in the cabinets? Will their placement interfere with nearby windows, doors or drawer openings?

In the past, placing the knobs or handles directly in the middle was common, which unfortunately didn’t help the cabinet doors to open easily. For wall cabinets, measure 2 ½” to 3” from the bottom on the edge opposite to the hinge. You can adjust this distance if you feel they’re too low or high for you to reach. When there’s an appliance or a sink in the middle, the doors should open outwards, like this:



 4.       Is the microwave / oven at the right height for you to pull out hot items? Can children use it safely?

When reaching above your shoulders to pick something up or removing something from a microwave oven that is above you, your forearms are weaker and bring an increased chance of losing your grip. If that something is hot, you have the potential for a hazardous spill and potential burn. This is something a responsible designer should take into consideration. Placing your microwave at elbow height is the best way to go.


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