An in-depth look at how blind corner wall cabinetry can improve your kitchen design

Difficulty level: medium

One of a kitchen designer’s first challenges is figuring out how to deal with the corners of the room. So if you aren’t quite sure what to do with them, don’t feel bad.

You are not alone!

If you don’t leave enough room for your cabinets near the corners, you won’t be able to open the doors very far and you’re going to feel unhappy with your kitchen.

There are four different corner cabinet solutions, but the IKEA kitchen catalog only has one, the angled corner cabinet. Which is unfortunate, because:

  • Angled corner cabinets only work if you have 26 inches of space on either side of the corner
  • They don’t work well with modern designs
  • Many customers prefer the look of the wall cabinets to match the base cabinets.

If your kitchen is small and/or you’re going with a modern IKEA design, then you’ll want a blind corner cabinet. This hack will teach you how to make one from an ordinary SEKTION wall cabinet.

What is a blind corner wall cabinet, anyway?

Often, when two base or wall cabinets meet in a corner, one is partially hidden by the other. This partially hidden cabinet is called a “blind” cabinet.

IKD ikea kitchen hack blind corner cabinet (5)

Here’s a closeup of the cabinet, just by itself.

And here’s how it looks in real life. You can tuck bulky, less-used items into the back part of the cabinet.

IKD ikea kitchen hack blind corner cabinet (1)
Blind corner wall cabinets are perfect for kitchens with an irregular measurement of 17” along one wall with, say, 25” to 30” along the other.

3 Steps to make this IKEA hack

  1. Modify an ordinary 30″ or 36″ SEKTION wall cabinet by using only one door and covering the hidden space with paneling. A minimum 30″ wide  cabinet is required to match the depth of the rest of the wall cabinets (14″ 7/8).
  2. Install only one shelf for this wall cabinet. You can use an ordinary 12”-deep shelf meant for a 36”-wide IKEA wall cabinet.
  3. During the installation, recess the cabinet into the corner alongside the perpendicular wall cabinet that’s perpendicular to it.

For our example, we have used a 36″-wide wall cabinet frame.

List of IKEA materials for this hack

Ready, set, go!

As you can see, the parts can be easily purchased from IKEA and you don’t need to spend much. We think that this is a great solution to use every bit of potential storage space within a kitchen. What do you think?

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