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Yes, it’s a link that can be sent to friends and family for their ideas and advice. Also guides potential contractors and builders to understand your kitchen project. More info here.

Yes. We’ll use the material and finish selections you provide in our questionnaire. We’ll ask about your appliances, countertops, wall colors, backsplash, flooring, tables and chairs. More info here.

Yes, doors and finishes from Semi Handmade and other custom door suppliers are accurately depicted in our views. More info here.

Yes, for visual purposes. Tell us which style you’ve picked, and our 3D rendering of your final kitchen design will show a close visual approximation of those doors. If you don’t specify the door style, we’ll use a white slab door as a placeholder. Semihandmade or your custom door provider will need to take a look at our final drawings in order to provide a list and a quote for you. The purchase process is slightly different at your local IKEA store because you won’t purchase any drawer fronts, doors, panels or trim from them.

Warning: Because of a limitation with the Home Planner software, we have to include one of IKEA’s standard doors in your list.  This is easily fixed. When you visit IKEA to purchase your kitchen, ask the IKEA sales person to remove the placeholder doors from your shopping list. After that, you’ll be ready to pick up the rest of your kitchen.

It depends. Designing your IKEA kitchen is a team effort between you and IKD.

If IKEA is currently not having a sale, even the most efficient kitchen design process typically takes 9 business days, or 2 weeks’ time.

You’ll receive your first design draft in 3 business days. While we do our best to get your kitchen design right the first time, we’re realistic. Once customers actually see their designs, they typically want to make some tweaks. Most of our clients typically use 2 of their revisions, and that’s where the estimate of 9 business days comes from.

There are typically 3 business days between each revision. But, we cannot start a revision until we have your feedback. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can get started on the changes. That’s where the team work comes in.

If IKEA is having a kitchen sale, our delivery times may vary due to high demand. We do our very best to stick to our deadlines and communicate with you when we can’t.

So don’t wait for the sale! Download our free ebook, The Secret IKEA Doesn’t Want You to Know About Their Sales, and find out how you can get the sale prices almost any time of the year.

After completing your order, we’ll send you a link to our online design questionnaire. Fill that out completely and attach any extra photos you want us to have. We cannot start your design until you have completed the questionnaire.

The SEKTION catalog uses inches, so we need your measurements in inches, too. If you’re a European customer using METOD, we’ll accept measurements in centimeters because that catalog uses them.

Yes! We want to see your kitchen ideas. Our customers send us links, pictures, photos, drawings and even Pinterest idea boards!

We do our best to get your kitchen design right the first time, but we’re realists. We expect you will want to change your design and that’s OK.
For simple changes, just send an email listing the changes.

For more involved changes, it’s easiest to mark up the plans that we sent with your notes, then scan and email them.
Always keep in mind that we’re an all online design service.

Now it’s time to put on a pair of comfortable shoes and head to the IKEA store!

When you get to the store, walk straight to the kitchen department. A customer service representative will look up your Home Planner account, and print out your shopping list.

But, IKEA’s Home Planner list is always incomplete. That’s why IKD creates a special secondary list for you, our Extra Items list. Don’t forget to bring this list with you! These items are not optional. We’re not sure why the Home Planner doesn’t include these items, but without them, you can’t complete your kitchen.

YES. If you’d like to have any of these included in your design, please specify the details and send the information to us. IKEA appliances and melamine countertops are included only when specifically requested.

Our designs don’t include drawer inserts such as knife racks, cutlery trays, drawer dividers, pot lid organizers or trash cans. We do include floating shelves for renderings purposes, but these are not included on your shopping list.

An important note about IKEA counters: We can only include IKEA’s melamine or wood counters in your design. We cannot include IKEA’s quartz and granite counters in your design because IKEA’s selection varies from store to store. We can include them in your 3D color rendering for visual purposes only.

The short answer is no. We don’t make recommendations about flooring, wall colors, backsplash, or light fixtures. We cannot include those things in your Home Planner account or in your shopping lists.

But, we can include flat colors for the walls, floor or backsplash in the 3D renderings of your final kitchen design. If you’re planning to paint your kitchen yellow, for example, we can show that in the 3D rendering. But we can’t show patterns or textures. We will work with our color palette to give you an approximation of those elements.

IKD does not include light fixtures in design files or in the 3D rendering, even if the fixtures are from IKEA. Due to vast variations in electric codes and standards across cities, states and countries, we recommend you plan this separately with your electrician, contractor or IKEA sales representative.

IKEA is a registered trademark of Inter-IKEA Systems B.V. and is in no way affiliated with Inspired Kitchen Design. We are an independent design firm that evolved out of a desire to provide personalized design services to customers interested in purchasing IKEA Kitchens.

We created IKD Install Connect, our rapidly growing database of independent IKEA kitchen contractors and installation professionals, for our customers looking for help installing their IKEA kitchens. See the Install Connect page on this website.

Most Install Connect installers will take your kitchen measurements for a small fee.

Also, you can quickly get an installation quote by emailing your IKD Design Package to them.

SEKTION kitchen cabinets from IKEA are great for many other rooms in your home. We can provide designs for bathrooms, kitchens, craft rooms, mudrooms and laundry rooms.

Yes! We’re global. If you have an internet connection, we can design a kitchen for you. We’ve worked with customers from the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Bahamas, France, New Zealand, Norway and Spain. Just to name a few!

This will depend on availability. Please keep in mind that rush design services will need to be studied on a case-by-case basis, especially if we’re in the middle of an IKEA kitchen sale. Please contact us directly in order to discuss your project.

Not sure if IKD is right for you?

Talk with us personally and we’ll figure out how IKD can help you get the IKEA kitchen of your dreams.

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